Mr. Rajeev Kumar (CMD)

Welcome to the Param Dairy! We are committed to quality, innovation, and product excellence and believe that good nutrition is right for all. In his own words "Emphasizing on keeping the traditional values and beliefs in place, we strive towards delivering purest dairy products surpassing our own standards every time, for good. With the right blend of traditions and technology, we guarantee the highest quality and excellence in every product produced and sold by us".

Param means best, and it is what we want to be. We started this journey with a mission to bring the best dairy products to the people of our country.

We have mastered the art of dairy products with purity and freshness as our two core principles. We ensure that all our products are free from adulteration.

We continuously grow in milk procurement and processing with the focus on hygiene and quality values that we adhere to being in this business. We strive to establish strong relations with everyone connected to us, from our farmers, processors, buyers through to consumers. Our consumers are our priority, hence we place great emphasis on understanding their requirements and catering to them by ensuring their needs are met.

To sum up, Purity and Quality are the two pillars of Param Dairy, and there will never be any compromise on these two aspects. Going forward we hope to see widespread success where there soon will come a day where every fridge in the country will have at least one of its Param products.